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Let's go do the Mario! :D

... You basically just join and post, right? ... I hope I'm not missing anything ._.;

Name: Sammi

Age: 13

What Mario Games have you played?: Oh my... A lot of them; I don't think I can recall most of them... I'll just list my three favorites; Super Mario Galaxy, the Mario Kart series, Paper Mario, and Super Mario Sunshine.

Favorite Foods: Many variants of sweets, as well as fruits.

Favorite Time of Day: Night time, because that's when I get bothered the least.

Favorite form of Excersize: ... umm, taking walks, playing Dance Dance Revolution, running around like an idiot, and jumping on my bed?

Hobbies: Art, gaming, watching Anime, reading Manga, pestering people, shopping, causing trouble, browsing the internet, cleaning my room, making phonecalls, designing stuff, trolling, hitting people with umbrellas (no, seriously.), other mean stuff, scaring the crap out of little kids/family members (Yeah, I'm mean, I know, I know. >>;).
Interests: See above.

Dislikes: Being stalked, loud people, racism, homophobia, anti-anime people, anti-Nintendo people (most of the people who hate Nintendo are either way too Christian or kids at my school trying to be cool by putting down anything that's E rated. e_e), furries, cliche things, cheesy things, overreligious people, a lot of other stuff I can't recall... I hate/dislike/whatever a lot more than I like, however.

Likes: 6918, anything overly sadistic (Yes, I'm a freak.), Toon Link, Boo, Peach, birds, flowers, art, anything in my hobbies, various other Nintendo characters, practically 96 Anime characters, waaaaaaay too much to list. /lazy

Personal Traits: Manipulative, perfectionist (when it comes to SOME things), sarcastic, cynical, sadistic, apathetic to most things. You never know if I'm friend or foe, or wether I'm putting up an act to get something I want, like a fake personality. I also tend to be rather pessimistic and not tolerant; especially of people who can't debate at all. Anything I can't stand, you'll find me insulting from time to time if I feel like it. I also don't take things seriously, often. Regardless, I somehow tend to avoid trouble.

Personality Traits You Dislike: Mine or someone else's? I'll answer someone else's first. Anyone who's just a complete ~*weeaboo princess desu*~, doesn't have a sense of humor, doesn't have an appreciation for art, just plain stupid, can't debate, tries to hard to be cool, or can't take a few good insults.

As for myself, I tend to be clumsy or stress a lot on minor things but I never say it. I also am shy at the wrong times. I'm sometimes nosy. And.... my friends tell me I act like a guy, even though I'm a girl. D:

Fire or Water? Water. You can sprinkle plants with it, and when water falls from the sky, you use an umbrella. My all time favorite self defense weapon. :D

Favorite Household Object: My electronic stuff; if that doesn't count, then... the dishes. They're pretty.

Habits: A lot, like saying "hnn" at the end of most sentences (irl) and starting a lot of sentences with "oh my" or "my, my...".

Leader or Follower: No idea, to be honest. I often find myself leading other people though; rarely a follower in school projects...

Outlook on Life: Oh. You don't wanna know. It's extremely negative and sadistic, I'll tell you.

Favorite Superpower: Barfing out rainbows and killing people with them.

Favorite Weapon: UMBRELLA ALL THE WAY, BB. D:<

Favorite Animal: Birds, hands down. I've had like 36 pet birds in my life.

Favorite Subject in School: Math; woulda said Art or Computers if it wasn't me teaching the crappy teachers about Art and Computers, their own subjects. I mean seriously, they're below the basics.

What do you think of Society today? The kids in school try too hard to find boyfriends and girlfriends. I mean, you don't have to search for one. Let it come to you. :/ No point in rushing relationships. OH SURE, IT'S LIKE YOU'LL HAVE A COMPLETE SOULMATE AT THE AGE OF TWELVE OLOL. /sarcasm

What are your best friends like? They vary. Most of them have an actual sense of humor, though.

You find a wallet with a significant amount of money just lying around. The ID indicates that the wallet belongs to your childhood bully. What do you do with it?: Keep it, 'cause I'm a filthy, filthy, horrible person.

Make a decision. Now.: I need to stop being so lazy and get off my butt and like... draw something.

Favorite kinds of clothing: Ties, skirts, shirts, hates, long socks.


Least Favorite Character: My, my, that's not a tough decision at all, at least for me. Daisy, it's always been her. In Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, she was all like "HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY HI I'M DAISY" and so forth. ;( That's what made me dislike her.

Favorite Character: Boo, Twink, Bombette, Lady Bow, Sushie, all the other Paper Mario cast, Blooper, Dry Bones, Peach, Shy Guy... they're all so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute.

Last Words?: You are not a fish. Nor am I.
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