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let's go do the Mario!

i know no one's posted on here in forever. :(

Name: ehren jescka-marie
Age: 19
What Mario Games have you played?:
let's seeeeee.
donkey kong
super mario bros.
super mario 64
super mario 64 DS
super mario sunshine
new super mario bros.
super mario galaxy
luigi's mansion
yoshi's island DS
super mario world: super mario advance 2
yoshi's island: super mario advance 3
super mario bros. 3
paper mario
paper mario: the thousand year door
super paper mario
mario party 1-8
mario kart 64
mario kart DS
mario kart wii
mario golf: toadstool tour
mario superstar baseball
dr. mario
mario paint
ddr the mario mix
and more wario stuff, if that counts?
Favorite Foods: pasta (ironyyy), sushi, and brownie batter blizzards from dq!
Favorite Time of Day: 8pm, sleepy time!
Favorite form of Excersize: cardio
Hobbies: drawing, playing mario kart, and spending time with my family.
Interests: photography, gaming, the golden girls, animals, i love lucy, japanese & african culture, movies, cartoons, hollywood, vh1's celebreality.
Dislikes: being disappointed on Silent Library!!
Likes: telephone conversations, searching through wal*mart and target for nintendo stuff, work (at a Video game store :D)
Personal Traits: pretty smart, loving, caring, can sing, goood cook, really snarky.
Personality Traits You Dislike: my eyes. they're so frickin blue...i hate it
Fire or Water? water, fosheezy
Favorite Household Object: my oven and my stove! i'm like that cute little rachel ray!
Habits: annonying my boyfriend
Leader or Follower: leader
Outlook on Life: i let my life happen. i've literally never planned anything in my life
Favorite Superpower: meat vision!!!
Favorite Weapon: spiked koopa shell
Favorite Animal: cat!
Favorite Subject in School: used to be history. i'm in cosmetology now, so hair!!
What do you think of Society today? America's health care, and the way they treat people is horrible. makes me wanna move back home.
What are your best friends like? just like me..sorta haha
You find a wallet with a significant amount of money just lying around. The ID indicates that the wallet belongs to your childhood bully. What do you do with it?: give it back to him. chances are he reaps what he sows now, and i'm wayyy too nice to steal!!!!
Make a decision. Now.: i'm going to eventually make my great dane be friends with my yorkie :DDD
Favorite kinds of clothing: my wii & mario pajamas!
Favorite Mario series/show/game: the super mario bros super show! game is yoshi's island ds
Least Favorite Character: hmm..i don't necessarily know haha. i guess birdo, since she's so pretty. it's sad i'm jealous of a frickin' dinosaur
Favorite Character: daisy, hooktail, blooper, and lady bow. they're all so frickin' adorable!!
Last Words?: you guys need to come back, now!! lol
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