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Its Brittney Bitch <3

lets go do the mariooooo

Name: Brittney
Age: 20
What Mario Games have you played?: Pretty much all of them, im obsessed.
Favorite Foods: anythying fruity
Favorite Time of Day: afternoon
Favorite form of Excersize: walking/swimming
Hobbies: anime, video games, reading/writing, and anything with an adventure
Interests: graphic design, photography, arts, music.
Dislikes: mean people
Likes: above hobbies and interests
Personal Traits: im very selfless and overall trusting. id do anything for anyone. im also really funny, and just good to be around.
Personality Traits You Dislike: stubborn and borderline paranoid
Fire or Water? water
Favorite Household Object: uhm. my computer.
Habits: i make weird noises
Leader or Follower: follower
Outlook on Life: live it to the fullest
Favorite Superpower: id love to fly
Favorite Weapon: my own bare hands
Favorite Animal: cat
Favorite Subject in School: psychology
What do you think of Society today? its very lame
What are your best friends like? amazing
You find a wallet with a significant amount of money just lying around. The ID indicates that the wallet belongs to your childhood bully. What do you do with it?: return it
Make a decision. Now.: ok.
Favorite kinds of clothing: whatever is comfortable
Favorite Mario series/show/game: super mario bros.
Least Favorite Character: peach. probably due to mario kart 64. so annoying
Favorite Character: YOSHI! im obsessed.
Last Words?: no
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