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Let's do the MARIO~ :D

Name: Michiru
Age: 17
What Mario Games have you played?: Super Mario 64 and some of the really old original Nintendo games. I don't even remember which ones. xD
Favorite Foods: Asian foods, sour cream.
Favorite Time of Day: Evening. It's quiet, beautiful, and on the verge of becoming darker (I hate sunlight); it's time to relax.
Favorite form of Excersize: Walking, Tae Bo.
Hobbies: Watching criminal/law/forensic/medical shows on TV (Fictional and nonfictional), anime/manga, Cosplay/sewing/designing, rping, writing/reading fanfiction, listening to music, talking to friends, thinking/philosophizing, learning strange/interesting facts, foreign languages, history, being pervy, generally being a complete nerd these days.
Interests: Same as above.
Dislikes: Organized religion, homophobes/snobby/stuck-up/stupid/arrogant/lying/deceitful/closed-minded/racist/imbecilic/irresponsible/unrealistic/annoying people, being bored, having too much work and not enough time to sleep, not being in charge of a situation, extreme heat or cold, spiders, heights, being annoyed, people arguing with me over something they have no idea about.
Likes: ...Same as hobbies and interests. This is a bit repetative.
Personal Traits: Personality traits, I'm thinking?
Strong points: Loyal (to a fault if I care about someone), intelligent, good at giving advice, strong leader, creative, caring (about those close to me), sarcasm.
Weak points: Bossy, moody, whiney, egotistic, stubborn, procrastinator, lazy, can be obsessive over things I like, and I can ramble when I'm feeling talkative.
Personality Traits You Dislike: In other people, I'm also guessing here?
Stupidity, immaturity, lack of common sense, irresponsibility, disloyalty, bipolar bitchiness (for NO reason), hypocrisy, constant lying, disrespectful of everyone and everything, closed-mindedness, intolerance.
Fire or Water?: Fire. Because fire is the most awesome element ever.
Favorite Household Object: Bed.
Habits: Sleeping alot, procrastinating, cursing like a sailor eating mud, worry about everything, tend to stretch myself too thin when it comes to helping out friends.
Leader or Follower: Leader. Don't tell me what to do. Ever.
Outlook on Life: Life sucks, and then you die; but make the most of it by doing what you can to make it awesome and getting what you want out of it.
Favorite Superpower: Supersmarts. I'd say flying if I wasn't afraid of heights.
Favorite Weapon: Bow and arrows or a naginata (a japanese spear).
Favorite Animal: Wolf!
Favorite Subject in School: History.
What do you think of Society today?: No one under should be allowed to procreate unless proof of brain function can be offered up, because we're obviously too stupid to know how to handle ourselves.
What are your best friends like?: ...I'd say like me, except that they aren't. They're all over the place; sometimes I don't even have anything in common with them. They're typically a sweet bunch of people who are loyal to their friends, smart on the whole, completely crazy on a good day, pervery beyond belief, and the most varied, awesome bunch of people you'll hopefully never piss off that you'll ever meet. :D
You find a wallet with a significant amount of money just lying around. The ID indicates that the wallet belongs to your childhood bully. What do you do with it?: ...Depends on which bully it was/if it told me how to contact them. I might be too afraid of how they GOT it to keep it.
Make a decision. Now.: Give me something to decide.
Favorite kinds of clothing: Wristbands, moderate amounts of jewelry, comfortable jeans/pants with a nice flowly fabric, sneakers/ankle boots with a small heel, guy's shirts over a tank top, or a t-shirt with a decently-cut neckline. Sometimes fingerless gloves. That's what I wear, but I also like alot of punk-goth styles, which tends to shock some people. I also love flowy gowns and colonial period styles. *_*
Favorite Mario series/show/game: N-64 baby
Least Favorite Character: That obnoxious little rabbit you have to chase around in the one dungeon by the Lethal Lava Land area. My god I want that thing to die.
Favorite Character: Don't really have one.
Last Words?: None at all, which in itself contradicts my having none. <3
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